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Todd Grisham Joins The UFC Broadcasting Team…How Do We Feel About This?

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“It’s All Over!”

Now that UFC 207 has come and gone, there are somethings that have been left in it’s wake. For one, the possible retirement of Ronda Rousey. Secondly, the emergence of Cody Garbrandt. And thirdly, the bittersweet “so long” of 19 year cage side announcer Mike Goldberg.

While he wasn’t exactly a vast array of MMA knowledge, he certainly bought Charisma to the cage and when you heard that voice, you knew it was about to go down!

But with the end of one thing brings the beginning of something new, and while we expect newest member of the UFC broadcasting team Todd Grisham to Butcher Joanna Jedrzejczyk’s ( /yo-an-nahyen-jrey-chik/) name a couple of times, I for one am excited about the MMA newbie. And here’s why.

Exhibit A: He can take a superkick to the mouth

For those of you who don’t know much about Grisham, he was a broadcaster and personality for the WWE from 2204-2011, taking his share of bumps along the way. In the video above he plays a pretty good straight man to rowdy antics of “sexy boy” Shawn Michaels. Gotta respect a guy who can take a good superkick to the mouth and still have the wherewithal to read a teleprompter.

Exhibit B: He use to work for ESPN

After parting ways with the WWE network in 2011, Grisham has been working as in studio host to Friday Night Fights as well as SportCenter Anchor. This means that not only does he bring a certain level of professionalism, he’s a fan of all combat sports who’s use to doing his research.

Exhibit C: Joe Rogan and Kenny Florian

While he may not be the most knowledgeable in MMA, that’s what Joe Rogan and Kenny Florian are for. Let them break down every grappling sequence to a sweet science, sometimes MMA fans, like girls, just wanna have fun!

In all seriousness, it seems like we’re getting a real professional with a personality to boot. A true fan of combat sports who’s not afraid to walk on the wild side. While the learning curb will be steep, all in all this could be a good direction for the UFC.

For those of you who just can’t get enough of Mike Goldberg,We’ve found a video that compiled some of his biggest blunders all in one foul swoop. You know like the time he compared Mike Tyson to the great fighter “George Holmes”…? Exactly.

“One of the most talented fighters to ever enter the octagon is B.J. Penn, the pra-gidy.”

“His precision is ugh,…really precise”

“CB Dollaway makes a bad decision, and now he gets a second chance tonight, to earn a victory against CB Dollaway.”

“There is twin brother Mark, working with equally aged twin brother Matt…” – Mike Goldberg

What do you guys think of the new switch? Have the WME-IMG finally done something right?

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