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Top 5 Takeaways from UFC Fight Night: Mark Hunt vs. Frank Mir

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Welcome to the Mark Hunt show. It’s where the UFC books the hard-hitting puncher typically on some overseas show and hopes for the best: A walk-off knockout.

Playing the punching bag on this night, at UFC Fight Night 85, is Frank Mir, reprising his role from 2009, against Brock Lesnar. In that fight, at least, Lesnar had enough energy and drive to jump to the ground and go for the ground and pound.

Let’s dive into the pool and if you are in the splash zone, cover up.

5. Stop The Fight!!!

When a fighter looks up at the referee to stop the fight, you usually suck as a referee.

Neil Magny absolutely killed Hector Lombard in the second and third rounds. The number of unanswered punches is up for dispute — anywhere from 40 to 100 — but it may as well have been 1,000. Referee Steve Perceval either had money on Lombard or his little sister has a crush on the Cubano and he couldn’t pull the trigger.

Somebody needs a refresher course in Refereeing 101. Hell, just tell him to watch this video. Now here’s a referee who KNOWS how to stop a fight. Maybe we should get Don King breathing down the neck of some of these refs to get them to do their jobs:

Editor’s note: Nostalgia

4. Neil Magny vs. Conor McGregor

Based on the way Magny was laid out in the first round by Lombard, it’s probably not best for him to step into the cage against Robbie Lawler. The welterweight champion has better cardio than Lombard and probably wouldn’t have let Magny back in the fight like Lombard did. But Magny is a hot property so if Conor McGregor wants to fight at welterweight, book him in a match with Magny, instead of a set-up fight ….View full article

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