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TUF 22 video: UFC stars Conor McGregor, Urijah Faber discuss their ‘fun’ rivalry

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The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 22 is on hiatus this week thanks to Major League Baseball (MLB) playoffs airing on FOX Sports 1, but we’re still going to hook you up with your weekly fix of Conor McGregor and Urijah Faber.

One of the highlights of the season is the back-and-forth banter between “Notorious” and “California Kid” before they head out for fight announcements.

Despite the verbal sparring between the two men, the rivalry — which started before taping of the show — isn’t mean-spirited, as Faber says it’s all fun.

“You can only be around someone for so long without seeing their true personality and I think we’re both kind of playful kind of guys. We like to crack jokes and have a good attitude. You see some of that, but there is definitely, we’re having a good time with this thing. I’ve always kind of liked Conor. He’s never been a bad guy in my opinion. There are little things that get on my nerves and I’m sure vice versa, and that comes out. But, for the most part it’s a fun rivalry.”

McGregor gives his take:

“Yeah, it’s been choppy at times, but, I’m handling this situation the way it needs ….View original article