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Tyron Woodley insists his quest for superfights is more about legacy than dollars

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After getting flak for chasing big fights over #1 contenders, Tyron Woodley attempts to lay out his master plan.

Tyron Woodley hasn’t given up on hunting the biggest names in the sport.

The UFC welterweight champion may be playing ball with the UFC and rematching Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson at UFC 209, but he still has plans to try and land himself some massive superfights in the future. That’s a goal that has earned him the ire of some fans who feel like he’s just the latest fighter trying to eschew fights against the many tough contenders at the top of his division for opponents like unlikely 185 pound champ Michael Bisping.

But in Woodley’s mind, he’s just trying to build something that will last in tha annals of MMA history. Via FOX Sports:

“Legacy is really important to me,” Woodley told FOX Sports. “It’s more important than dollars to me. So with that said, I try to find the fights that would solidify my legacy. Beating (Michael) Bisping, winning two belts in two divisions, maybe starting a rivalry and controversy with a fighter and then also knocking off legends like Nick (Diaz) and GSP.

“Those sort of things solidify me and also yeah it puts me in the position to maximize myself as far as being awarded the highest purses. So I’m just trying to kill two birds with one stone.”

“Knocking off these big names in fights really solidifies me as the best welterweight that’s ever done it. Fighting Georges St-Pierre really puts the exclamation point at the end of it. It sounds like (GSP) is serious about coming back and I don’t think it should be a question of anybody fighting him before me.”

For now, Woodley is stuck defending his belt against the criminally under-promoted “Wonderboy” in a fight that will thrill the hardcore fans and do decent numbers … but nothing like a fight against a returning Georges St. Pierre could do. But considering Georges is nowhere near coming back (and may never come back now that he’s kinda sorta trying to blow up the UFC’s business), it’s the best fight for the moment.

Even if he wins at UFC 209, it sounds like he’ll have to take on the very tough but (again) less than bank Demian Maia. But there’s some sexy fights on the horizon. We assume Nick Diaz is eventually going to return. And Conor McGregor sounded completely confident that he could pull off a threesome and take the 170 pound belt off Woodley.

But for now, Tyron will have to make due with the murderer’s row of top contenders in one of the UFC’s deepest divisions. Great for the fans, and if he manages to hold onto the belt through it all, good for his legacy too.

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