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UFC 178: Jon Jones owes Alexander Gustafsson a ‘severe beating’ after he ‘dominates’ Daniel Cormier

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And should Bones live up to his promise and blitz through DC, he wants to settle his unfinished business against The Mauler as soon as possible to close out that chapter of his combat sports career. When Alexander Gustafsson came down with an injury in training, not only did it put a damper on his plans to avenge his loss to Jon Jones, but it also ruined Jon’s plans to silence the critics who emerged following the aftermath of UFC 165 one year ago. After Jones and Gustafsson went toe-to-toe for 25 minutes in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, which resulted in a unanimous decision victory for Bones, the mixed martial arts (MMA) community, for the most part, was up in arms at the decision, saying The Mauler should have been the rightful winner. While Bones admits it wasn’t his best performance, he can’t wait to fight Alex again to show his critics what exactly he can do to his foe when he’s on point. That potential rematch, however, will come at later date as Jones has to focus his attention on Daniel Cormier, the man who stepped in to replace Gus at UFC 178 on Sept. 27, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada. A fight Jones admitted to The MMA Hour is more intriguing than a Gus rematch, as DC presents a whole new challenge to conquer. His words: This fight definitely interests me a lot more than Gustafsson. I feel that I have something to prove to the MMA community when it comes to Gustafsson. I wasn’t able to perform to my greatest ability, so I do owe Gustafsson a severe beating. But at the same time, to conquer someone else who I never fought before, a whole new level of trash talk, new studying, new techniques, new tactics; it’s refreshing and I’m excited to conquer a new challenge. Bones was adamant in saying that should he prove victorious against Cormier, he wants Gustafsson next to close out that chapter of his career once and for all. As far as his prediction for his light heavyweight championship match against Cormier, Jones says he will flat-out dominate the former Olympic wrestler. His prediction: They are both very tough in there own ways. I’ve never fought someone with the wrestling credentials Daniel has. It’s hard to say because I haven’t fought Daniel, yet. I believe Daniel can give me the fight of a lifetime or I can simply go out there and dominate him, put on a total clinic. I believe that I will dominate him. Stylistically, I don’t think he has what it takes, but I obviously have to prove that Sept. 27. Since the announcement was made, Jones and Cormier wasted no time in engaging in pre-fight trash talk, with Cormier warning Jones he would fuck him up after Bones asked him if he was ready to come to daddy. Nevertheless, despite the animosity that dates back a few years, the 205-pound champion says he doesn’t actually hate Cormier, he’s just another pawn in the game that is his quest to become the greatest of all time. He explains: I don’t legitimately dislike him. I think he’s a great talker. I think he realizes this could be his biggest payday, so he needs to sell the fight. But I don’t dislike him. I look at him as another pawn in this whole thing. I’ve said it several times in the past that these fights are very personal to me. Some are more personal than others, but they (fighters) are not personal to me. I’m on a quest to be the greatest of all time and whoever in my way is simply in my way and I have to do what I have to do. Jones, the No. 1 pound-for-pound fighter in the world, is well on his way to establishing himself as one of the best, of not the best, to ever compete in the sport. With a win over Cormier and going 2-0 over Gustafsson, Jones could join the likes of Anderson Silva and Fedor Emelianenko as one of the greatest to ever fight inside a cage. He may even surpass them.

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