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UFC 192 Highlights/Results: Cormier and Gustafsson Put On a Show for the Ages, Bader Dominates Evans, + More

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Well, that was a hell of a fight.
If it sounds like I’m underselling the UFC 192 main event that pitted newly-crowned light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier against former title challenger Alexander Gustafsson, it’s only because the five round affair was a fight that simply needs to be seen to be appreciated. I could tack on any number of adjectives to the fight, I could call it a “grinder” or a “war” or a “blood-soaked battle of wills,” but the truth is, Cormier vs. Gustafsson was simply an example of championship-level MMA at its finest.
That DC vs. Lusty Gusty came at the tail end of a main card that saw all five of its fights go the distance is a testament to its greatness, so check out all the highlights from the action-packed main event (and the rest of the card as well), courtesy of UFC on FOX.

Really, this highlight does little justice for what was easily one of the best fights of the year, and Gustafsson’s second brilliant-but-just-shy-of-winning performance against one of the greatest fighters in the sport today. If only he didn’t have to look like his face had been run through a meat grinder after each one ….View original article