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UFC 194 Takeaways: Referees, Robberies and New Kings

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Let’s get this clear right now: No one should be anointing Conor McGregor as “unbeatable.” Same goes for Luke Rockhold. A convincing win does not make one the Greatest of All Time.

Both of these guys are one spinning heel kick away from the town of Ronda Rouseyville. As much as we love to hate on Floyd Mayweather Jr., let’s remember that he’s 49-0. Do you even know what McGregor and Rockhold’s records are? I’ll wait for you to go to Wikipedia to find out. … That’s right, McGregor is 19-2. Rockhold is 15-2. Combined their records are 34-4. Mayweather still has them beat.

Cheers to Rockhold and McGregor, but let’s look at the results of UFC 194 with a sober head. What does all this mean and where are we headed now that there’s a new world order in the UFC? Let me tell you:

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5. Herb Dean Needs Glasses

I don’t care who says it or how they explain it. Referee Herb Dean should have stopped the Chris Weidman vs. Luke Rockhold fight in the third round. Weidman took a wicked beating, the kind that is bad for the UFC’s reputation. Any fool could see Weidman was out. Is the threshold for stopping a fight now total unconsciousness? Weidman had his hands up, but he wasn’t blocking the shots. There’s was nothing sport or athletic about Rockhold firing punch after punch at Weidman. Weidman will never, ever be the same after those blows. That was just disgusting.

4. Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza got robbed, deserves a rematch

Yes, Jacare Souza was almost knocked out in Round 1. But he won the next two rounds. At worst, the fight was a draw. No ….View full article

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