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UFC 195 Results/Highlights: Lawler Bests Condit In Questionable Decision, Miocic Earns His Title Shot, + More

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(Dana White’s face says it all. via Getty)

We can debate the decision that capped off UFC 195′s welterweight title fight between Robbie Lawler and Carlos Condit all we want. We can take to Twitter to vent our frustrations with an (admittedly) outdated judging system until the cows come home. In fact, we have been for years, but with no change in sight, it’s probably best that we just focus on the latest in what has been an incredible series of title fights for the UFC, and that’s exactly what Lawler vs. Condit was.

Results and highlights after the jump.

While the numbers might paint UFC 195′s main event as an incredibly one-sided affair in Condit’s favor — “The Natural Born Killer” outstruck “Ruthless” nearly two to one — it was Lawler’s time-tested power that must have swayed the judges. Despite looking a step behind the challenger in most of the exchanges and relying on an offense that consisted almost solely of wide, looping hooks, Lawler was able to land the most significant strikes of the fight, dropping Condit in the second round and nearly finishing him in the closing moments of the fifth. If one were to base their opinion of the winner solely on how each fighter looked when all was said and done, Lawler would have almost undoubtedly been declared the winner across the board.

That’s not to say that Condit didn’t get his, though. Condit dropped the champ in the first, had him wobbled in the third, and landed his own onslaught of punches in the fifth as well. It was that ever-important third round that most of the debate seems to stem from, but again, there’s really no point to all the discussion with no proposed way of improving MMA judging currently ….View full article

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