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UFC 196: Top 20 Takeaways From the Night MMA Stood Still

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Reality bites and skills matter. Just ask Conor McGregor. In stunning fashion, Nate Diaz tapped McGregor with a rear-naked choke.

A title was not at stake at UFC 196. Something far more important was: pride and respect.

Lost in the McGregor mania was the fact that the Irishman was insulting Diaz based on his race at every turn. He called him a “Fajita” a “Cholo” and told him to “dance for me.” In a CNBC interview he suggested that Diaz didn’t know how to count to 10. If he made those same comments with different descriptors about Asians, African-Americans or most other ethnic groups there would have likely been some kind of repercussions.

Instead, most observers blew it off as Conor being Conor. Also lost on people during the short build-up to the fight was the utter disrespect of mixed martial arts. Diaz is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt. He is a submission artist. He’s proved that he is tough, game and often smart in the cage. Just because McGregor talks a great game and was on an impressive winning streak, people assumed he would walk right through this guy. In reality, Diaz should have been the favorite. But alas, everyone fell for the McGregor hype.

The hype bubble behind Holly Holm also imploded Saturday night. Skills matter. That’s one of the major takeaways from UFC 196. Let’s take a look at some of the significant takeaways from The Night the Lights Went Out at McGregorland.

20. Jiu-Jitsu Rules

How do you beat a bully? Choke him out. Nate Diaz beat up McGregor with his fists and then choked him out after McGregor went for a takedown. If you are going to be a mixed martial artist at the highest level, you can’t give up your back with a black belt ….View full article

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