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UFC 200 odds and gambling guide

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The biggest UFC event of the year (or, certainly the deepest) is finally here and MMA Fighting has decided this would be the opportune time to introduce a gambling piece into the mix. People love fight predictions and while Luke Thomas always does a stellar job with his own prognostications, this will be looking at things from a more comprehensive betting perspective. In short, I’m aiming to provide as much information as possible for those looking to lay money down on fights while also giving analysis on where I think value can be found on a card, and hopefully presenting you with something of value in the process.

Ultimately, any gambling is left up to individuals and I encourage people to only do so both legally and responsibly. Now let’s get to it.

*All stats come from FightMetric.


To me, the new main event is the easiest fight to predict on the card. Amanda Nunes is a fast starter who burns out quickly, and Miesha Tate is one of the toughest, grittiest human beings walking this planet. Not only that, but Tate is actually sneakily good at making in-cage adjustments while remaining very aware of the dynamics of a fight as things are unfolding. Tate is going to lose the first round as Nunes marks her up on the feet, but she will throw enough to not just concede the range and make Nunes work in the tie-ups. Midway through the second round Nunes will start to fade and Tate will get her first takedown with sustained control. After that it becomes all one-way traffic for Tate to beat up Nunes before finding a choke late. I feel like the line is a little low (should be around -300) and see Tate as a decent parlay inclusion.


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