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UFC 200 Results/Highlights: Nunes Obliterates Tate, Lesnar Tops Hunt in Underwhelming Night of Fights

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There were a lot of ways that UFC 200 could have gone wrong, and for a minute there, it seemed as if at least a few of them were destined to be realized. The one thing we failed to overlook in all of the lead-up to the quote unquote biggest card in UFC history, however, was that the fights themselves would be what left us underwhelmed when all was said and done.

And yet, here we are. Despite being stacked with recognizable talent and solid matchups from top to bottom, UFC 200 simply fell flat for the most part, ending the Zuffa Era™ with a faint whisper instead of the triumphant bang that we were all expecting it to be.

Of course, things got off to a rough start before the first fight of the night had even began. In an aesthetic misstep right up there with writing a cover letter in Papyrus, the UFC decided that the most immediate way to celebrate the landmark event would be to change its canvas from the traditional grey…to yellow.

If UFC’s new owners get rid of that horrible yellow mat, they are already heroes in my book. pic.twitter.com/E6eFC2z7o6

— Jonathan Snowden (@JESnowden) July 11, 2016

Should we be surprised that the UFC would display such an oblivious understanding to the basic tenants of style? I present you this Fight Night: Abu Dhabi poster as proof that we should not.

Pretty much everything about UFC 200′s main event between Miesha Tate and Amanda Nunes can be summed up by Brian Stann’s first words in the above video, “These ladies were not supposed to be the main event.” With all due respect to both competitors, I simply cannot see the ….View full article

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