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UFC 200: Sober Jon Jones reminds Daniel Cormier that he beat him at the ‘prime of my partying’

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After a rough patch in 2015 that saw him get stripped of his Light Heavyweight title, suspended by Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and land in court, Jon Jones is happy, clean and sober.

However, 2015 wasn’t all bad for “Bones.” as his one-and-only fight that year was a much-desired victory over his arch-rival, Daniel Cormier. And as Jones stated during the recent UFC 200 press conference, he defeated “DC” at the prime of his partying career at UFC 182.

It’s a sober reality that doesn’t bode well for Cormier now that he’s cleaned up his lifestyle.

“‘DC’ says that because I used to be a party animal that I burned my candle at both ends and that I am 28, but really I’m 40, or whatever. I think misery loves company. It’s apparent right now, if you look at me and you look at him, you can tell he’s having a hard weight cut. Look at his face, he’s all drawn out looking. He just got over a knee injury, I feel fine and I doubt he’s 100 percent. I’ll test him Saturday. I feel great. I mean, how can you convince someone that getting sober and living more healthy will make you older? I beat him in the prime of my partying. So, we will see who the 40-year old is on Saturday.”

That said, Jones says in the unlikely event that he loses to “DC,” it will not signal the end of his mixed martial arts (MMA) career. On the contrary, it will simply be a minor setback in and otherwise illustrious career that won’t expire for another decade. Meanwhile, a loss for Cormier is more or less a wrap for his MMA legacy.

That’s because Jones, 28, envisions himself fighting well into the future, while the ….View full article

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