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UFC 200 Takeaways: The Conquerer, The Spider and The Last Emperor

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Take that, haters. Brock Lesnar just conquered the No. 8 fighter in the world. So either Mark Hunt is vastly overrated or Lesnar is that damn good. It’s one or the other. The MMA hardcores might contend that Lesnar got luckier than the Cleveland Cavaliers, but the truth is Lesnar was just the better athlete and fighter Saturday night at UFC 200. He may have had to go all Georges St-Pierre to get the win, but it worked for one Canadian, why not another?

But Brock may have also conquered the headlines in the aftermath of UFC 200, he’s not the only one creating a buzz. Amanda Nunes humbled Miesha Tate. Cain Velasquez proved the bigger they are the harder the fall. And Daniel Cormier, despite his one-sided victory, may be the most hated champion in MMA.

UFC 200 is over, and not unlike the classic 1980s film “Heathers,” the road was rich with hope, excitement, swerves, disappointments, and ultimately, surprises. Now that UFC 200 is done, what are we going to do with our lives?

7. Brock Lesnar is back

Make no mistake about it. Brock Lesnar is back and he won’t stop until he’s flat on his back or tapping his opponent’s right shoulder. Lesnar just earned at least $2.5 million. Money talks and Lesnar will be back and probably for the UFC’s Madison Square Garden show. This guy’s pocketbooks are going to be fatter than Cristiano Ronaldo’s by the end of 2016. With the leverage of a lucrative WWE career on his side, Lesnar will be printing money practically by himself. The truth is, Lesnar looked great. He did not look like a 38-year-old man inside the Octagon. He was big, strong and fought smart. There’s a lot of guys who can beat in the UFC. He’ll fight until he loses, ….View full article

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