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UFC 200 will still be big, but we’ll never know what the true potential was

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Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier at UFC 200 will be a major event in a new arena, with a strong undercard, and be as publicized as any event the company has ever put on. But the inability to get Conor McGregor does mean that this once in a generation show won’t reach what would have been its potential.

Now that it really appears Conor McGregor isn’t facing Nate Diaz at UFC 200, it becomes an even crazier story in hindsight given the reasons for it falling through.

If one of them was injured, sure. If somebody made an outrageous money demand, sure. But the biggest money event in the sport’s history falling apart because somebody refused to get on a plane to Las Vegas and attend a press conference and do a television commercial 11 weeks before the fight? It makes no sense. Yet, as best we can tell, that’s what happened. And it makes little sense that people who are in the business of convincing guys to take fights couldn’t somehow talk a fighting into coming in to promote a bout that he himself demanded. It’s even crazier since McGregor has made it clear he wants on the show in the fight he requested.

At least one party (and maybe both) played a game of being stubborn, and the end result is that the potential record-breaking numbers for a giant show in 2016 will not be reached, at least at UFC 200.

It feels like the UFC wanted to send a message that said, no matter who you are, you can’t miss a press conference. It’s a message that could cost them tens of millions of dollars. But perhaps it was a message they needed to send for the long run. And perhaps if UFC brass told McGregor ahead of time that ….View full article

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