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UFC 201 odds and gambling strategy guide

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It’s fight night and so we are back again with another gambling preview of the fights, the odds, and my own personal break down of where the value lies. Last week we called the Shevchenko upset so let’s see if we can make it two in a row for women’s MMA upset picks.

As always, all stats come from FightMetric and all the odds are from Best Fight Odds. Net Value means how much money you would have made if you bet $100 on that fighter in every one of his/her fights that odds could be found for and is calculated using the closing odds for each fight.

Doubly as always, I’m just trying to provide the most thorough guide I can for those who want to legally bet or who just enjoy following along. If you are a person who chooses to gamble, only do so legally, responsibly, and at your own risk.

On paper, this looks to be the easiest fight Robbie Lawler has had in some time, at least stylistically. Lawler is one of the premier sprawl and brawlers in MMA today. On the feet he can do a bit of everything, but the hallmarks of his game are tight footwork, a snapping jab, which he follows with a right hook or straight left, and his left body and head kick. The jab is really the most critical tool for Lawler. When he is working his jab well, everything else comes smoother and more effective. When he forgets about it, he starts ceding range and initiative. Lawler is the very good defense fighter, with excellent head movement, which he uses to stay in the pocket and counter with heavy hooks. Lawler has also become a very good clinch fighter, employing powerful knees to the body and ….View full article

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