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UFC 202 odds and gambling strategy guide

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It’s fight night and so we are back again with another gambling preview of the fights, the odds, and my own personal breakdown of where the value lies. Fights with debuting fighters get less in depth analysis because stats aren’t available and same goes for fighters with only a couple of UFC bouts.

As always, all stats come from FightMetric and all the odds are from Best Fight Odds. Net Value means how much money you would have made if you bet $100 on that fighter in every one of his/her fights that odds could be found for and is calculated using the closing odds for each fight.

Doubly as always, I’m trying to provide the most thorough guide I can for those who want to legally bet or who just enjoy following along. If you are a person who chooses to gamble, only do so legally, responsibly, and at your own risk.


Let’s not bury the lede here: Nate Diaz should in NO WAY be an underdog here. Conor McGregor is a wonderful fighter but Nate Diaz is a stylistic nightmare for him and this fight is going to look very much like their first encounter. For all the excuses and explanations made for that fight, the fact remains that Nate Diaz came in on 10 days notice and summarily whooped Conor McGregor. Now Nate Diaz has had a full fight camp and I expect him to do so again.

First, let’s dispel a couple of prevalent myths surrounding the first fight. McGregor was not killing Diaz in the first round nor was Diaz “close to falling.” McGregor did win the first round but if you re-watch it, he never has Nate seriously in trouble and he is exerting a ton of energy in order to win the ….View full article

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