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UFC 202’s Cody Garbrandt talks about the one time he pulled a knife on his brother, almost cut his finger off

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Undefeated No. 8-ranked Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) contender, Cody Garbrandt (8-0), appears to have had quite a colorful upbringing in Uhrichsville, Ohio. This is based on nothing more than the 10-minute video above, in which “No Love” shares several stories on “The Cruz Show” on Power 106 Los Angeles, California.

The topics of conversation include: His incarcerated father (and uncle), sparring with his older brother when he was just five years old, women, fighting his brother, women, getting his first tattoo at age 13 and nearly killing his brother with a knife, among other hair-raising tales.

“I almost cut his middle finger off,” Garbrandt said. “What happened was, me and my boy were at my adopted father’s house in the neighboring city and we had some girls coming over. I just had my hair did, I was looking good. We had like a 30-pack of Busch Light, you know — country boys — we were ready [to party]. They came over and [my brother] had to work the next day — he mowed grass at the gold course.

“So he came up because we were being super loud and I said something to him that just set him off — he wanted to fight. He came at me and I saw this big knife on my step dad’s counter and I picked it up as he came running at me and I swatted it at him. It cut his [middle] finger almost completely off. Then he looked at me like he wanted to fight, but he punched the glass stove and broke [the whole thing]. I didn’t want to fight because I knew it was going to be a tough fight — mess my hair up, beat my face up, rip my shirt. I had girls over, I worked all night to make ….View full article

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