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UFC 207 results from last night: TJ Dillashaw vs John Lineker fight review, analysis

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Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Bantamweight contenders TJ Dillashaw and John Lineker threw down last night (Dec. 30, 2016) at UFC 207 inside T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Dillashaw entered this match up feeling slighted by the UFC, and his argument was certainly reasonable. Luckily, the former champion could practically assure himself another chance at gold with a win last night, as both men brought serious momentum into the bout.

Thankfully, Lineker managed to avoid breaking the scale for this contest, meaning he was back in the title picture. To capitalize on that monumental achievement, Lineker would have to add another knockout to his list and snatch away his foe’s title hopes.

Didn’t happen.

Rather than allow his opponent to dictate the pace, Dillashaw walked his foe down with kicks. Lineker allowed himself to be backed up, looking to score counter punches and catch his foe’s kicks.

About two minutes into the round, Dillashaw level changed into an excellent shot and put Lineker on his back. Dillashaw worked from half guard for a while, but Lineker was able to return to his feet with about 90 seconds remaining. Lineker was able to land a few good punches before the end of the round, but it wasn’t enough to overcome Dillashaw’s constant kicking.

Lineker needed to do something different.

Dillashaw opened the second round with a quick takedown, but Lineker did a nice job of scrambling up to his feet. The boxing exchanges were relatively even, but Dillashaw continued to land hard kicks on Lineker between trading punches with the Brazilian.

The former champion scored another big takedown.

This time, Lineker was a bit too tired to explode up to his feet. From the half guard, Dillashaw worked his opponent, smacking him with hammer fists and cutting elbows. Each time Lineker attempted to sit up or scramble, he only ate more shots for his efforts.

By the end of the round, Lineker had taken a serious beating.

The opening minute of the final round showed just how damn good Dillashaw’s feints are. Each time he moved half an inch, Lineker would react in a big way, and the Brazilian really couldn’t keep up with him.

Before long, Lineker was completely frustrated and trying to bait his opponent into a brawl. Dillashaw didn’t bite and merely waited for a big right hand, which he easily ducked under to score a double leg takedown. As Lineker failed under him, Dillashaw landed some hard ground strikes and even attempted a pretty deep calf-slicer.

Lineker escaped and landed a few body shots before the bell, but it was far from a comeback.

Dillashaw dominated this bout. For the second time in a row, Dillashaw — the top-ranked contender — picked apart the No. 2 ranked Bantamweight. Before looking the fight itself, there’s absolutely no doubt that Dillashaw deserves the next title shot.

This was a pretty perfect showing by the former Bantamweight kingpin. His ability to control range was excellent, as he either kept Lineker backing up but unable to land punches or let Lineker chase air.

Either way, Lineker’s accuracy was pretty terrible because of it.

Aside from his excellent kickboxing, Dillashaw set up his takedowns masterfully. He either backed Lineker up and tripped the leg with a double leg — Lineker is not accustomed to defending takedowns from his back foot — or perfectly timed his reactive shots.

Give that man a title shot.

As for Lineker, this fight really showed the issues with his game. He may be dangerous, but he’s also limited, and a smart striker like Dillashaw can take advantage and break him down. Additionally, Lineker is not a Bantamweight. Despite his success, he’s quite undersized, and that was apparent when Dillashaw forced him to the mat. From there, Lineker was barely able to defend ground strikes, and all the damage exhausted him.

Unless he’s someday able to control his diet, he’s stuck in that situation.

At UFC 207, TJ Dillashaw added another quality victory to his record. Can Dillashaw reclaim the strap?

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