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UFC 209: Tyron Woodley vs Stephen Thompson 2 scorecards

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Article Source – bloodyelbow.com

Here are the score cards from the UFC 209 main event.

The welterweight title rematch between Tyron Woodley and Stephen Thompson wasn’t exactly the most entertaining bout we’ve seen as of late. The UFC 209 headliner saw both men being very timid and tentative, and in the end, two of the three judges gave it to Woodley making him retain the belt.

How did they end up with those final scores? As seen on the photo below, Judge Sal D’Amato gave Wonderboy 3 rounds, to Woodley’s 2, but the 5th round with a knockdown and a near finish was scored a 10-8, making it a draw on his card.

Judges Derek Cleary and Chris Lee on the other hand, gave Woodley the second, third, and fifth rounds.

For what it’s worth, while 2 judges managed to give Woodley 3 rounds, most media scores either had a draw that was similar to D’Amato’s card, or a Thompson win without the 10-8 on the fifth.

BloodyElbow.com scored it 47-47 with Wonderboy winning rounds 1, 2, 4, and Woodley having a 10-8 on the 5th.

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