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UFC 210’s Josh Emmett: Desmond Green ‘does not like to get hit’

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Undefeated Team Alpha Male lightweight Josh Emmett spoke with Bloody Elbow about his UFC 210 opponent Des Green, getting skipped for FOTN honors in SacTown, and touches on Urijah Faber’s retirement.

Undefeated Team Alpha Male lightweight Josh Emmett is marching into UFC 210 in Buffalo, New York this Saturday, to welcome UFC newcomer Desmond Green to the eight-sided cage. Before putting his flawless 11-0 record on the line, Emmett caught up with Bloody Elbow to discuss specific training for Green, waging war in his hometown of Sacramento, and talks post-retirement Urijah Faber.

Home game at UFC on FOX 22 in Sacramento, California:

“It was awesome. It was a dream come true. I had so many friends and family and fans at the event. It was not so much pressure, but it was tough. When I was fighting regionally, and all of my fights were in Sacramento, I had to hustle shirts and tickets and do all types of stuff, and people wanted to meet up. I did the same thing, but it was intensified by 100. It was crazy. I just felt like I was running around, doing a lot of stuff, but I’ve been used to that. I think that’s why I have such a big crowd, and just such a big fan-base. I’ll do those type of things. If there weren’t fans or family and friends, we wouldn’t really have jobs.”

Performance against Scott Holtzman at UFC SacTown:

“I was definitely happy with the win. Scott Holtzman, he was tough, man. He used to play professional hockey. I was just surprised at how I’d hit him with some really hard shots, and he would just keep coming forward, and kind of throw his hands up like, ‘come on.’ I’m like, ‘man, I am.’”

There was a moment in the 3rd where you dropped your hands, allowed Holtzman to punch you, then floored him with an overhand haymaker. Is that something you train?

“I didn’t really train it. We were both tired; we were giving it our all. The punches he was landing, towards the end, they weren’t as powerful, so I’m like, ‘that’s not going to hurt me.’ So, I kind of played possum a little bit. Stood right in front of him and he hit me. I put my hands down ,and let him hit me with a 1-2, and then when he went to do it again, I threw that overhand right to his chin and dropped him. It was just right in the moment. We were both tired, and I was just seeing what I could do because he kept coming.”

Should you have won Fight of the Night?

“I thought for sure, we had it locked. You know, Fight of the Night. Even people that were working for the UFC, and everybody, were like, ‘oh, you guys are going to get Fight of the Night, for sure.’ I was super excited, because that would be kind of like a game changer, just starting out early. That big bonus. Then we didn’t get it. I was a little disappointed, but it’ll come. All of my fights have been exciting. I promise, I will never be in a boring fight.”

How is Urijah Faber enjoying his retirement?

“He’s always in the gym. He’s still working out. He’s getting ready to open his new Urijah Faber Ultimate Fitness. It’s a huge location. I want to say it’s like 4 or 5 times the size of the gym right now. It’s something crazy like 40-50,00 square feet. It’s going to be a one-stop shop state of the art facility… They’re literally going to have literally everything, so that we don’t have to go out to all these venues for our recovery. It’s all going to be right there for the team. So he’s staying busy, still doing his thing, contributing to the city of Sacramento. He’s just a great guy, busy guy, but he’s always in the gym. He just taught practice this morning.”

Thoughts on UFC 210 opponent Desmond Green:

“He’s really athletic, and he’s pretty well-rounded, but his bread and butter is his wrestling, of course. He was a state champion in high school, he wrestled at the University of Buffalo Div I college, I think he was a 3x national qualifier, and he was seeded at the national tournament his freshmen year. So, he’s tough.”

Des doesn’t like to get hit?

“I just think he does not like to get hit, so I’m going to stand right there in front of him, and I’ll trade shot for shot. I’m going stuff a few of his takedowns, and we’re going to get into a fight. I know it’s going to be a tough fight for me, I also know that I’m going to be one of his tougher opponents. He’s hasn’t fought anyone like me. I have great wrestling, too, so who knows. If we were to wrestle, I think I’d get the better of him, too.”

Specific southpaw training for Green:

“The only thing I changed up, when I actually do MMA sparring and boxing sparring, I’m just sparring southpaws. So a lot it, I’m just training for the southpaw. It’s going to be the first southpaw I fought, but I’ve been training with southpaws for a long time, So, that’s really the only difference.”

Green’s wrestling chops vs Team Alpha Male’s:

“As far as the wrestling goes, I train with Lance Palmer, Chad Mendes, there’s Tyler Diamond, Urijah Faber. These are all Div I wrestlers. He [Green] was a great wrestler, but he’s still not on their level. So, I’m not too worried about his wrestling, but I know he’s going to try rely on that.”

Watch undefeated UFC lightweight Josh Emmett go to war with Des Green, this Saturday night, at UFC 210 in Buffalo, New York. Stay Tuned to Bloody Elbow for all of your UFC event coverage including interviews, play-by-play, highlights, and more!

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