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UFC 216 video: Demetrious Johnson tosses Borg in the air, locks armbar before he lands

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Demetrious Johnson pulled off the most insane armbar in UFC history.

Demetrious Johnson was well on his way to breaking Anderson Silva’s title defense record with a completely dominant performance for over 20 mins. He probably had multiple 10-8 rounds to his name already, but instead of settling for what already would’ve been an impressive decision win, Mighty Mouse made his record-setting win even more special.

As they clinched, Johnson went for a suplex and tossed Ray Borg in the air. Before he even landed on the ground, DJ already had an armbar locked in, and he finished what would be one of the craziest submission finishes in UFC history.

Watch the clip below along with a snippet from our play-by-play:

Round 5 – They trade kicks and Borg gets caught and slammed to the mat. Again. He has Borg pressed against the fence and landing some knees. Borg gets to his feet. DJ ducks a shot and takes him back down. Johnson to mount with three minutes to go. He scrambled away again though. Johnson has his back. Johnson basically suplexes him, and jumps right into an armbar! That was like a backwards flying armbar! Borg tried valiantly to get out, but his arm was bent at a grotesque angle and he had to tap. Amazing.

Demetrious Johnson defeated Ray Borg via submission (armbar), 3:16 of round 5

For highlights of Johnson’s earlier dominance, check below:

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