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UFC 229 live blog: Tony Ferguson vs. Anthony Pettis

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LAS VEGAS – This is the UFC 229 live blog for Tony Ferguson vs. Anthony Pettis, a lightweight bout at Saturday’s UFC event at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Ferguson, who is on a 10-fight win streak, takes on Pettis, a former lightweight champion who has alternated wins and losses in his past six fights, in the co-main event.

Check out the UFC 229 live blog below.

Round 1: El Cucuy is back. The referee for this one is Jason Herzog. They were chomping at the bit, and now they are rolling. Ferguson with a push kick, and Pettis is zeroing in on that left knee that was surgically repaired. All is fair in war. Ferguson bursts ahead with a jab, and he’s herky-jerky, trying to find the angle. Quick snapping kick from Ferguson, and now they briefly stand in for an exchange. Pettis got a nice right in there. Looping right hand from Ferguson, doesn’t connect clean, and Pettis whaps him with a right. Pettis remains on his bike, staying out of Ferguson’s wheelhouse. Ferguson comes forward and has one of those patented combos, leg kicks, push kick, punch. He continues to pursue. Pettis waves a high kick at him, missed, and Ferguson comes right back with a four-piece combo, nothing getting clean because Pettis is moving, moving, always moving. There’s a good variation from Ferguson, who lands a couple of nice punches standing right in front of Pettis, one of them to the body. Ferguson with a spinning backfist, and now an uppercut lands on the fence. He’s gaining rhythm. Leg kicks to left cross to leg kicks. Ferguson with a superman punch at the end, and a flurry. He’s coming to life. MMA Fighting scores R1 for Ferguson, 10-9

Round 2:

Round 3:

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