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UFC Argentina prelims results and highlights: Prazeres, Pantoja get quick submission wins

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The UFC Argentina FS1 prelims just wrapped up with Michel Prazeres club and subbing Bartosz Fabinski in just 62 seconds. Prazeres is now 2-0 at 170 pounds and also enjoys an eight-fight winning streak. The promotion’s #9 ranked flyweight Alexandre Pantoja made quick work of the #13 ranked Ulka Sasaki, finding his back early and sniffing out a rear-naked choke in less than half of a round. Pantoja now sits at 4-1 in the UFC in a division with an undecided future, but used his post-fight mic time to call out the #3 ranked Joseph Benavidez.

Before that, Austin Arnett weathered an early storm from Humberto Bandenay to go on to win himself a unanimous decision. Laureano Staropoli and Hector Aldana waged absolute war tonight, with each man inflicting real damage in the opening moments of the fight. The entire battle took place on the feet, and when the dust settled it was Argentina’s own Staropoli who walked away with the unanimous decision and a W in his UFC debut.

On the Fight Pass portion of the prelims, Jesus Pinedo made good on his UFC debut by earning a unanimous decision over Devin Powell. Before that, Nad Narimani let his hands go en route to a unanimous decision over UFC newcomer Anderson dos Santos.

Check out the complete results below.

FS1 prelims:

Michel Prazeres def. Bartosz Fabinski by submission (Guillotine) at 1:01 of round 1: Welterweight

Prazeres blasted his foe with a massive overhand right that dropped Fabinski like a sack of potatoes. Prazeres followed up with a bunch of ground strikes before jumping on a guillotine and rolling into full mount. Fabinski tried to escape, but was dead to rights and forced to tap.

Alexandre Pantoja def. Ulka Sasaki by submission (RNC) at 2:18 of round 1: Flyweight

Action was immediate here, with Sasaki finding top position in the opening sequence. Pantoja quickly locked up an armbar, and Sasaki fought out of it but gave his back shortly after. It didn’t take very long for Pantoja to cinch up an RNC and get the tap. Wow!

Austin Arnett def. Humberto Bandenay by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-27 x2): Featherweight

Bandenay opened the bout with a bunch of kicks as Arnett looked to close the distance. It was Bandenay who was making the most of the southpaw vs. orthodox matchup by throwing his strikes from his power side. As a result, Bandenay dealt out more damage in the first round.

Arnett closed the distance early in round two, shoving Bandenay up against the fence where he attacked with knees to the body. Arnett stood in the southpaw position for a lot of the round, giving his foe a different look. Bandenay had few answers when his back was to the cage, but he did manage to come up with a last second takedown before the round ended. The output of Bandenay continued to be low as Arnett appeared to be the fresher man down the stretch. Bandenay gave up the takedown around the midpoint of the final round, and was smashed by Arnett until the final bell sounded.

Laureano Staropoli def. Hector Aldana by unanimous decision (30-27 x3): Welterweight

With the crowd roaring, the welterweights met in the middle of the Octagon and started swinging. A cut formed around the left eye of Aldana, but a large hematoma formed above the right eye of Staropoli. The referee stopped the bout to bring in the doctor to check out the cut on Aldana, but the match, I mean brawl, quickly resumed. Back and forth they went, with each man landing their respective combos without much set up from either man.

The ref brought the doc back in to check the eye of Aldana to start the second frame, and again the fighter was cleared. An accidental cup kick from Staropoli brought the bout back to a screeching holt the second it got started again. Staropoli showed off quite a bit of variety in his striking, from fancy kicks to up elbows and some of what’s in between. The hands of Staropoli really began to hit home, backing up Aldana to the cage and reopening up the cut around his eye.

Again, the referee brought in the doctor to look at the eye of Aldana, and again he was cleared to continue. It didn’t take very long for Staropoli to open that cut back up. It was Staropoli who was pushing the pace and throwing the volume as Aldana was looking to block and counter.

Fight Pass prelims:

Jesus Pinedo def. Devin Powell by unanimous decision: Lightweight

A big southpaw cross sent an off-balance Powell falling to the floor and on to his back in the first minute of the fight, but Pinedo just kind of stood over his rocked opponent until the ref stood him up. Back on the feet, Powell brought the aggression, grabbing ahold of Pinedo and unloading a set of knees. Pinedo was able to throw Powell to the floor a few times, but did nothing with the advantageous position.

Powell continued to press forward in the second round, but Pinedo was doing well at countering on his back foot. Pinedo again shoved Powell to the floor off of a caught kick, but again refused to go to the ground, and opted to hover over his opponent and throw punches until the bell sounded.

The referee brought in the doctor to check out the swollen right eye of Powell the moment the third round began. The doc deemed Powell fit to continue and the third round began. The counters from the back foot of Pinedo continued to be effective against the pressure of Powell. In an odd move, Powell went for a takedown in the closing moments of the fight instead of looking for a knockout.

Nad Narimani def. Anderson dos Santos by unanimous decision (30-27 x3): Featherweight

The featherweights went right to work, exchanging tight punches in the pocket. Narimani was scoring with his hooks and dos Santos was being effective with his straight strikes. It was Narimani who was leading the dance, pressing forward and dictating the tempo.

A couple of counter power shots landed for dos Santos to open up the second round. Narimani began to find a home for his right hand, taking off some of the loop and bringing them more down the middle. A strong elbow from Narimani led to a well-timed for him, to which dos Santos did not return to his feet until after the bell sounded.

Narimani shot in early in the third round but found himself caught in a guillotine. He was able to escape and get back to his feet where he hit dos Santos with a series of knees from the clinch. The left hook kept getting through for Narimani, but dos Santos kept coming forward. Narimani ended up find top position again with about a minute left in the round, and dos Santos failed to return to his feet once again.

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