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UFC Auckland results: Mark Hunt forces standing stoppage of Derrick Lewis

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Fans in New Zealand were thrilled to see “The Super Samoan” end the long winning streak of “The Black Beast” in the UFC Auckland main event.

The UFC Auckland main event between Derrick Lewis and Mark Hunt wasn’t expected to go the distance, and it didn’t. Hunt and Lewis traded big blows as expected, but Hunt was able to break Lewis down and get the TKO win in round 4. Leg kicks, well-timed punches to the head and body, and superior cardio were all the big factors in the 43-year-old prevailing and ending Lewis’ six-fight winning streak. Hunt gets back in the win column after suffering a knockout loss to Alistair Overeem in March.

Literally nothing of consequence happened in the first minute. Lewis opened things up with a blocked body kick and a leg kick. Hunt scored with a left hook, then Lewis retaliated with two head kicks. Lewis hardly threw a punch halfway through the round. An uppercut for Lewis connected, then he had a takedown stuffed by the Super Samoan. The crowd was on edge with every punch Hunt threw, as they all looked like potential fight-enders. Lewis humorously tried a flying knee which didn’t connect. It was a tense opening frame, with Hunt landing the better punches and Lewis getting in several kicks.

Lewis clipped Hunt with an overhand right to start round 2, then a jumping switch knee. Hunt just missed with his trademark right, but did slam home a heavy lead leg kick. An accidental eye poke halted proceedings temporarily. The doctor came in to check on Hunt, and he was good to continue. Another flying knee from Lewis just missed but he did partially catch Hunt across the face with a left hook. Hunt answered with a right hand. Another shot tagged Lewis and he looked to be hurt. They traded big shots and neither man went down. A big right slammed home for Lewis. Hunt accidentally thought the ten-second clapper was the end of the round, and Marc Goddard told him otherwise. Lewis got cracked by one more left hook as the second round ended.

Lewis’ continued problems with having his back against the fence were still prevalent in round 3. He dug in a nice knee to the body on Hunt and then missed on two monstrous uppercuts. Hunt continued to stalk and wait for the big opportunity to whack Lewis with a punishing punch. Lewis was wildly missing with lunging strikes. Hunt connected on a left hook but Lewis took it like a champ. As Hunt closed the distance, Lewis fired off a nice uppercut. Lewis’ takedown attempt was easily stuffed, and he had his hands on his hips. Hunt punched Lewis twice to the body, where he’s been susceptible in the past. All signs were pointing in favor of the Super Samoan.

Hunt continued the body shot and leg kick attack in round 4. He used that to set up the head shots, and he had Lewis hurt with a right hand down the middle. Lewis backed Hunt off momentarily with a left, but the forays forward were infrequent. A massive right hand staggered Lewis and he was struggling to stand. That didn’t stop Lewis from throwing another flying knee, but his gas tank was below empty. Hunt threw several punches and elbows to the head and body as an exhausted Lewis covered up, offering nothing in return. While he didn’t go down, Marc Goddard stopped the fight, with Lewis not really protesting. He later said that he hurt his lower back and that this was likely the last fight of his career.

Official result: Mark Hunt def. Derrick Lewis by TKO (strikes) at 3:51 of round 4 – Heavyweights

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