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UFC color commentator Joe Rogan opens up about McGregor vs Mayweather and his future with the promotion

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For all intents and purposes, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) color commentator Joe Rogan is the voice of mixed martial arts (MMA).

With a plethora of fight knowledge and grappling experience, Rogan is vastly appreciated among hardcore MMA fans. To casual fight fans, the 48-year-old Octagon commentator is better known for his comedy standup and ongoing podcast The Joe Rogan Experience.

Either way, Rogan is a valued member of the MMA world. While other color commentators like Brian Stann and Kenny Florian have done a nice job by filling in on FOX Sports 1 cards and international events Rogan is incapable of attending, they simply don’t stack up in comparison.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Rogan discussed his future with the UFC as his current contract is due to expire this August.

“I’m not working for anybody else. If the sale goes through I’m outta there,” said Rogan in response to a recent rumor that UFC is currently up for sale. “I’m already wondering whether or not I can continue doing this as it is. I will always be a fan, I’ll always love it, but sh*t, I’ve been working for the UFC on and off for almost 20 years. And that’s more than I’ve done anything in my life. I’d like to move on.”

It’s understandable that Rogan may feel burnt out after years up traveling the world to call fights, but it’s likely that the promotion will do everything in its power to retain the MMA personality.

“The only other thing I’ve done longer than that is stand-up comedy, but you know, with stand-up comedy I’m constantly writing new material, I’m traveling, I do it out of my schedule, I do it whenever I want,” added Rogan. You ….View full article

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