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UFC commentator Dan Hardy wants to take on Gordon Ramsay: ‘He walks into every kitchen in the world like he can fight’

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For most people, their bucket list includes things like sky diving, bungee jumping, world travel, or a chance to see a famous artist or work of art, live and in-person. For Dan Hardy, it includes a list of celebrities he’d like to take a crack at in the cage.

The former UFC welterweight title contender has more or less entirely transitioned away from a competitive cage-fighting career – following the revelation of a long standing heart condition – into being one of the UFC’s best color commentary voices during live events. But, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t still dream about stepping back into the Octagon.

Hardy has often said he’d like to get a final few fights under his belt before really calling it quits on MMA. And while it seems like any kind of official plans for a return to competition have stalled out, when asked by bet365 if he had any celebrity opponents he’d like throw down against, one name sprung immediately to mind.

“I could make a list for you, to be honest,” Hardy admitted. “But, the one that I would pick straight away – and I always see him at boxing events as well, I know he’s a fan of combat sports – Gordon Ramsay. You know, he walks into every kitchen in the world like he can fight, and I would like to see if he actually can. Because, it’s unwarranted to have that kind of attitude with people, if you can’t actually throw down. So, you know, try and speak to me like that in my own kitchen and you’ll get a slap across the face.”

For his part, Ramsay appears to have other plans. The TV chef, best known for “Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares,” “Hell’s Kitchen,” and “MasterChef” has just recently announced his latest venture into entertainment cookery. Variety magazine reports that National Geographic will be airing “Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted” in 2019. A globetrotting “anthropology-through-cuisine” show that will feature Ramsay attempting to compete against local chefs among other cultural activities. A proposed fight against Dan Hardy may just have to sit on the back burner, for a while.

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