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UFC Dublin: ‘Holohan vs Smolka,’ The Report Card

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I’m not going to sugar coat this. After the main and co-main events both fell apart this UFC Dublin card had all the depth of a puddle in the Sahara Desert.

But, like, whatever. Just get your refund, dummies.

I could go on about the watered down C-Level talent masquerading as “Ultimate Fighting” in 2015, or criticize the fact UFC still hasn’t learned from the Jon Jones vs. Dan Henderson fiasco, or even that oversaturating this sport with too many meaningless cards means you inevitably wind up with a main event nobody could possibly care about.

But I won’t. I’ll save that rant for December.

This card was pretty much as expected. A lot of decisions, a few finishes, no names of any relevance in any way, shape or form. In other words, a Bellator card.

Oh, it had its moments. I’ll give it that.

At any rate, who got top marks and who failed to pass in this week’s “Report Card”? Find out below:

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