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UFC Fight Night 103 results: Joe Lauzon decisions Marcin Held, claims he lost ‘100 percent’

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Two spectacular submission artists meet in the co-main event of UFC Fight Night 103: “Rodriguez vs. Penn,” which takes place inside Talking Stick Resort Arena in Phoenix, Arizona, live on FOX Sports 1. Marcin Held was coming off a lopsided loss to Diego Sanchez, while Lauzon had last lost a split decision to Jim Miller.

They opened with a lot of jabs and circling, Lauzon pressing forward. Held dove for a takedown, but Lauzon landed some vicious downward elbows, got on top briefly, then hit another elbow on the break. When next they tied up, it was Lauzon pressing Held against the cage. Marcin turned him against the cage, then landed a nice trip. Lauzon worked from open guard, looking to elevate with butterfly hooks, but Held passed his guard into side control. Lauzon wall-walked, flipped into turtle and escaped. Held pressed him against the cage again, landing a knee to the body. Lauzon threw a combination into the clinch again, but Held turned him into the fence once more. He threw a spinning elbow, but lost his balance and fell backwards. Lauzon pounced with a hard punch as the bell sounded.

Held opened the second round with a cartwheel kick. Held shot, Lauzon nearly reversed with a nice guillotine attempt, but Held got on top and and took Lauzon’s back. Lauzon tried to elevate his hips and reverse position into guard, but couldn’t quite pull it off. He tried again and pushed a hook out and got back to his base, then turned and dove for a takedown. Held got back to his feet. They clinched again, exchanging positions on the cage. Held hit a great double-leg in open space, and Lauzon closed his guard. Held worked from top position, landing sporadic ground and pound. Lauzon locked up an armbar attempt, and nearly hyper-extended the arm out before Held sat back and used his legs to defend successfully. Held ended the round in top position.

Held hit a one-two at the beginning of the third. Lauzon took the center of the Octagon, pushing forward with his hands up. Held landed a jab as Lauzon came in. Lauzon hit a nice jab in combination, but ended up on the fence. He circled out, then grabbed a bodylock. Held reversed and took him down. Herb Dean stopped the fight for a second to put Held’s mouthpiece back in. Held let Lauzon back to his feet. Lauzon slipped a jab and came in with a combination, grabbed a bodylock and threw Held down briefly, but Held scrambled back to his feet. Lauzon pressed forward, but left his hips too square and Held timed another double-leg to perfection. Held stands and spins by Lauzon’s guard, ending the fight in a dominant position.

Final result: Joe Lauzon def. Marcin Held by split decision, 27-30, 29-28×2

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