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UFC Fight Night 104 fight card: James Vick vs Abel Trujillo full fight preview

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Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Lightweight strikers Jame Vick and Abel Trujillo will duel this Saturday (Feb. 4, 2017) at UFC Fight Night 104 inside Toyota Center in Houston, Texas.

For the first five fights of his UFC career, Vick put on some strong performances and left with the victory each time, earning himself a reputation as a divisional dark horse. He was awarded a match up opposite a true contender his last time out, Beneil Dariush, and that bout promptly ended Vick’s win streak and sent him back to the drawing board. Meanwhile, Trujillo overcame some adversity and has actually found some real success recently. He has a pair of losses to the division’s top pair of contenders, but Trujillo has won five of his last six bouts and could be poised to break into the rankings.

Let’s take a look at the keys to victory for both men:

James Vick
Record: 9-1
Key Wins: Jake Matthews (UFC Fight Night 65), Ramsey Nijem (UFC Fight Night 26), Nick Hein (UFC Fight Night 57)
Key Losses: Beneil Dariush (UFC 199)
Keys to Victory: Vick is the tallest man in the Lightweight division and makes use of his size. While he doesn’t really dominate in any one area, Vick is durable, well-conditioned, and rather opportunistic.

It’s an odd combination of skills, but it’s made Vick a difficult man to defeat.

In this bout, Vick’s ability to maintain a strong pace and constantly work will trouble Trujillo, who tends to fight in bursts. Vick is generally a very difficult man to take or hold down, meaning that Trujillo will be forced to stand with the lanky boxer.

Early on, Vick will almost certainly take some hard shots and lose exchanges, but Vick is a tough man to stop. If he can avoid getting completely bombed on and remain in the fight, his opponent will begin slowing down. Once that happens, Vick’s long punches will find a home more often, and Trujillo’s haymakers should be easier to read.

It may be a bit ugly at times, but few are better than Vick at out-working foes to an ugly victory.


Abel Trujillo
Record: 15-6 (1)
Key Wins: Tony Sims (UFC 195), Jamie Varner (UFC 169), Jordan Rinaldi (UFC Fight Night 88)
Key Losses: Tony Ferguson (UFC 181), Khabib Nurmagomedov (UFC 160)
Keys to Victory: Trujillo is a physical powerhouse with a solid background in wrestling. He’s come a long way technically in the last several years, which is the reason he’s been winning more consistently.

Even with those improvements, power is still Trujillo’s best attribute.

Realistically, Trujillo has two real paths to victory. The most obvious is that Trujillo could walk Vick down, capitalize on his occasionally awkward movement, and bomb on him en route to an early knockout win. There’s a very real chance that’s precisely what happens, but it’s a risky proposition. If Trujillo goes hard to finish Vick and fails, he’s in a really bad position against a pretty relentless opponent.

The alternative for “Killa” is to manage his output and aim to score big moments. If he can bide his time and find openings for either big punches or the occasional takedown, he could stay ahead on the scorecards without having to keep up with Vick’s pace.

Bottom Line: It’s another exciting bout between Lightweight up-and-comers looking to break into the rankings.

For Vick, it’s important that he bounce back quickly from such a rough loss. If he can respond to that adversity with a strong performance in this match up, it will go a long way in pushing him towards the Top 15.

On the other hand, a second straight loss sends Vick to the back of the line. At 155 pounds, that’s a seriously long line, and he’ll need another considerable win streak to return to this position. Plus, a loss definitely affects his job security, as it puts the Texan just one fight away from a dreaded three fight-losing streak.

Currently on a three fight win streak — sort of, as his loss to Gleison Tibau was turned into a disqualification victory following a failed drug test — this could be the last middle-of-the-division necessary before he receives a ranked opponent. Similar to his opponent, a loss eliminates Trujillo’s momentum. At Lightweight, there are so many fighters trying to break through that a single loss really takes a lot of time and multiple wins to recover from.

Both men should be motivated to avoid that situation.

At UFC Fight Night 104, James Vick and Abel Trujillo will battle. Which man will remain standing when the dust settles?

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