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UFC Fight Night 104 results from last night: James Vick vs Abel Trujillo fight review, analysis

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Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Lightweight up-and-comers James Vick and Abel Trujillo threw down last night (Feb. 4, 2017) at UFC Fight Night 104 inside Toyota Center in Houston, Texas.

Vick began his UFC career with a five-fight win streak but entered this match up following his first professional loss. In front of his home crown, “The Texecutioner” was hoping to return to the win column in style.

Meanwhile, Trujillo has found pretty consistent success inside the Octagon, coming up short only against the division’s best. On the fringe of the top 15, Trujillo had an opportunity to take another step forward in a crowded division last night.

Instead, Vick proved himself the better man.

Trujillo looked to use a lot of movement and sudden explosions to create an opening for him to close distance, whereas Vick circled well and kept range with long jabs and kicks. Neither man scored with anything significant until Trujillo ducked down into a double leg.

Even then, Vick used a guillotine to stall and return to his feet before his foe could do anything effective.

With a minute remaining, the round was still completely up for grabs. It was Vick who took the initiative, scoring with a combination and then stunning his opponent a moment later.

It wasn’t all that much, but it deserved to earn Vick the nod in a slow round.

Trujillo landed a couple big punches at the start of the second, but he missed a majority of what he threw. After some more missed exchanges, Vick scored with a few punches and clinch knee, causing his opponent to shoot for another double leg takedown.

After using a cross face to defend the shot, Vick secured a body lock and smashed his opponent to the mat. He spent most of the remaining time hunting for a d’arce choke, but he couldn’t quite get his grip deep enough to finish.

On the bright side, it was a strong round for “The Texecutioner.”

Vick immediately rocked his opponent with a big knee to start the third round. He ate a couple hard shots while pursuing his wounded foe, but he countered a takedown attempt with yet another d’arce attempt. This time, he chose to flatten out on top of his opponent and drop his weight onto the choke, allowing him to force the submission.

This was a really stellar performance from Vick, who looked better than ever in his first bout back from a devastating loss. Vick suffers from bouts of awkward tallness at times, leaving himself out of position and vulnerable to big punches. While he ate a couple big shots, Vick’s posture and positioning was far more in control than usual, allowing him to dictate range and make his opponent miss frequently.

Vick’s dangerous front choke game is already well-known.

Lastly, Vick fought with a lot of intelligence. The pace may have been slow at times, but Vick methodically wore his opponent down and jumped at any opportunity to do damage. His strategy paid off perfectly, resulting in the third round finish.

As for Trujillo, he was never able to find his range against his really tall foe. For the most part, he was forced to leap into punches, missing more often than not. He actually managed to set up his takedowns very well and get in on the hips, but he was never able to really establish top position, as his foes’ scrambling and submission attempts prevented Trujillo from accomplishing much.

Without the ability to score consistently in a meaningful way, Trujillo didn’t have much of a path to victory unless one of his lunging blows caught Vick clean. In hindsight, Trujillo may have been better served to show Vick no respect and walk him down with combinations immediately, as his patient approach only allowed Vick to find his range and damage “Killa.”

Last night, James Vick submitted Abel Trujillo in a strong showing. Can Vick put it all together and break into the rankings?

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