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UFC Fight Night 105 results: Johnny Hendricks defeats Hector Lombard in Middleweight debut

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Johnny Hendricks moved up to Middleweight to face Cuban powerhouse Hector Lombard tonight (Sun., Feb. 19, 2017) at UFC Fight Night 105: “Lewis vs. Browne,” which took place inside Scotiabank Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, live on FOX Sports 1.

Both Hendricks and Lombard had fallen on tough times, with Lombard losing via knockout to Neil Magny at Welterweight and then Dan Henderson at Middleweight, while Hendricks had dropped three straight out of nowhere. Both men have seen other troubles as well, Hendricks with repeated weight cut troubles and Lombard with a failed test for anabolic steroids since his last win.

Hendricks took the center, landing a leg kick against the Cuban. Hector hit a body punch, then darted in with jabs. Hendricks rolled under, grabbed a clinch, and hit a knee to the head. Lombard hit a right hand. He connected on two straight shots, then caught Johnny’s kick and drove Hendricks back, connecting on right hands. Hendricks got free. Lombard sprawled so hard on a perceived takedown attempt that his hips hit the floor for a second. Hendricks got a leg kick caught and ended on his back for a moment, but got back up immediately. Lombard tried to drag him down again from the rear waist cinch, but Hendricks stayed vertical. Lombard pinned Hendricks to the fence and landed some body shots. He hit a sweep attempt and then threw some wild hooks as Hendricks kept his balance, landing one to the body.

The second round began with Hendricks missing a rear straight and Lombard grabbing the rear waist cinch, but nothing came of it. Hendricks landed a left hand that seemed to hurt the Cuban, who looked to grab the clinch. Lombard hit a hard knee to Hendricks’ cup, forcing Johnny to take some time to walk it off. Lombard landed two hard right hands immediately on the return to action, and they traded in the pocket. Hendricks stepped in with a knee, then when Lombard caught it he landed several right hands, shucking off a takedown attempt. They moved fluidly through the pocket into the clinch, exchanging punches. Lombard began to look for the jab. Hendricks hit another knee to the head, but Lombard caught it and put Johnny on the cage. However, the referee broke them up because Lombard grabbed the cage. Hendricks timed another knee. He landed a combination and rolled out. He whiffed on a right hand, then hit another step in knee to close out the round.

Lombard landed a hard right hand at the beginning of the third. Hendricks jabbed at him, looking to set up his left. Hendricks landed a glancing right hand, and Lombard chased him with a body kick on the exit. Hendricks hit yet another step in knee, then a left hand. Lombard stepped in with a jab, but Hendricks countered with a left hand. Hendricks seemed to be finding a rhythm, moving his head and feet well. He missed a knee but hit a hook off the attempt, then shucked off the returning takedown attempt. Hector finally hit a sweep off a caught knee, but Hendricks got to all fours and shucked Lombard over his head, getting back up. Lombard threw body kicks as he tried to walk Hendricks down. Johnny finally threw a leg kick in return, then danced away grinning and shaking his hand as the bell sounded. That was the best Hendricks has looked in a long time.

Hendricks shouted and swore happily as the result is read. He thanked God and Canada in his post-fight speech, getting a cheer from the crowd. He said he has energy and can’t wait to continue competing at this new weight class.

Official result: Johnny Hendricks def. Hector Lombard by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28×2)

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