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UFC Fight Night 81 in hindsight: 12 action-packed hours in ‘Bean Town’

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It is just before noon on Sunday and I am being talked down from a 16″ pizza. The extremely Bostonian man behind the counter at Regina Pizzeria is right, of course, because my stomach is still grievously wounded from the prior day’s chocolate tour and the gargantuan sundae that proved my undoing.

While one of my very few points of personal pride is my ability to eat inordinate amounts of food for my size, I dial it down to a 10″ pie, although I do inform the man that I could definitely finish the 16″ if I tried. He doesn’t seem convinced.

When it arrives, it’s delightfully hodgepodge. Rather than trim the toppings down into the relative smoothness you see at most chains, the sausage and onions and mushrooms have basically been slapped on at full size, resulting in a deliciously misshapen lump.

It’s really, really good pizza.

Two young men near me at the bar mention to another that they’re here from Philadelphia to support Eddie Alvarez. Besides a couple of small advertisements on street corners, they are the first indication I’ve seen that the city’s prepared for the night’s event, UFC Fight Night 81.

I chime in and we talk a bit. Their hopes aren’t high for their hometown hero. They mention betting, and I tell them to put money down on Matt Mitrione. Suckers.


It is a little before 6 p.m. ET. From the promenade — in a seat conveniently located just feet from both the concessions and the bathroom — I listen to the horrific remixes endemic to Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) events. They are currently butchering “Gimme Shelter” by the Rolling Stones, and I mention this fact to the lady beside me. She’s not a native English speaker, but she tells me that being here to see UFC live is a ….View full article

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