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UFC Fight Night 87 results recap: Alistair Overeem vs Andrei Arlovski fight review and analysis

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Yesterday (Sun., May 8, 2016), Alistair Overeem and Andrei Arlovski scrapped at UFC Fight Night 87 inside Ahoy Rotterdam in Rotterdam, Netherlands. In another smart fight, Overeem knocked his opponent out. Find out how below!

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Heavyweight greats Alistair Overeem and Andrei Arlovski clashed yesterday (May 8, 2016) at UFC Fight Night 87 inside Ahoy Rotterdam in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

After lots of inconsistency and several harsh knockout losses, Overeem seems to have found the recipe for success inside the Octagon. If he could extend his win streak to four opposite Arlovski, “Demolition Man” would have a strong case for a title shot.

Arlovski may have entered this bout off a loss, but his win streak prior shot him into the top five. By taking out Overeem, Arlovski could get back into the immediate title hunt.

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Arlovski opened the bout by stalking his opponent and flurrying on him against the fence. However, Overeem survived without eating too many hard shots and clinched with his opponent, where the bout slowed down a bit.

Once the two separated, Overeem began to strike effectively, either quickly closing range for brief clinch knees or kicking from the outside. With one minute remaining, Overeem landed a clinch trip and secured top position in the full guard.

He didn’t land much, but it was enough to shift a close round into his favor.

Overeem struck first in the second round, landing with his first real punching combination of the fight, a left cross followed by a right hook. Arlovski looked to respond in kind, but Overeem managed to avoid the blows.

Suddenly, the finishing sequence began.

Overeem exploded into a jumping switch kick, but throw his leg straight forward like a front kick. Whatever ….View full article

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