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UFC fighter admits to ‘insensitive’ comments, but offers no apology to Hyun Gyu Lim

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Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight Alex Nicholson recently made headlines for his performance at the UFC 202 pay-per-view (PPV) event, which took place last Sat. night (Aug. 20, 2016) inside T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

That’s quite a feat, when you consider he wasn’t even competing.

“The Spartan” got himself into trouble with comments made in the corner of Octagon newcomer Mike Perry, telling “Platinum” that he would be able to defeat opponent Hyun Gyu Lim because the South Korean couldn’t even open his (expletive) eyes.

Watch the clip here.

As expected, those remarks did not sit well with most of the mixed martial arts (MMA) community, including FOX Sports 1 analyst and retired UFC middleweight Brian Stann, who believes the transgression was enough to earn Nicholson’s release.

@FrontRowRian if that was Alex then he needs to be cut. Not good enough for suspension. Need proof though. I haven’t heard that it was him

— Brian Stann (@BrianStann) August 23, 2016

About that proof he was looking for…

I respect every man who steps in the cage and my comments were insensitive towards lim I was hype for my brother but It’s all love no hate.

— Alex Nicholson (@spartanlife32) August 23, 2016

Nicholson wouldn’t go so far as to actually say “sorry,” because “Spartans” don’t apologize. Instead, they take babies who won’t grow up to be bloodthirsty warriors and hurl them over a cliff. They also run around with manly beards and tame wild shrews.

Hey, I saw 300.

In unrelated news, Home Depot just ran out of pitchforks and torches.

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