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UFC heavyweight snubs ‘terrible’ Reebok fight kits: ‘Fans can smell the bulls–t’

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We don’t know if former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight Brendan Schaub is a “Do Nothing Bitch,” however, we do know the 32-year-old fighter is taking a sabbatical from mixed martial arts (MMA) because he won’t be rocking the new and controversial Reebok Fight Kit uniforms.

In fact, Schaub is willing to bet his “Fighter and the Kid” podcast t-shirts are selling like hot cakes when compared to what the promotion is raking in for its pricey $95 Reebok kits.

“Big Brown” talks to MMA Junkie:

“I think A) it’s $100 and B) fans smell bullsh-t, man. You can’t bullsh-t the public anymore and get away with it. Reebok, first of all, no one really rocks Reebok. But we’ll support Reebok because they support the fighters. But, then you find out how much the fighters are making and fans do not support that. I’m willing to bet we sold more T-shirts this year than the UFC has sold fight kits. I’m not going to give the number out, but we’re doing well. You don’t want to brag about that kind of stuff. Is that really a compliment? Saying that we outsold UFC fight ….View original article