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UFC lightweight Khabib Nurmagomedov stymies drunken idiot: ‘Calm down or I’ll break your face’

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Undefeated mixed martial arts (MMA) powerhouse Khabib Nurmagomedov may be a lightweight inside the Octagon, but he’s a heavyweight inside the local coffee shop.

“The Eagle” was faced with a drunken idiot while trying to perk up with a cup of joe, and had to regulate the coffeehouse cretin with a deadly dose of logic fu.

From his conversation with ToFight.ru (via Bloody Elbow):

“I had an incident in America. When I was standing at the cash register, there is a drunken man bothering those who stood in front of him. He stood in front of me. When he came to me, I told him ‘Calm down, I’m a professional fighter. In the Caucasus, we do not talk and say I am a man, leave me alone. In America, I have to say it. Because if I fought there, then I would have to answer before the law. You could put me jail. I warned him, and he abruptly sobered up. I told him ‘I am a professional fighter. I can break your face. You have to calm down.’”

Java justice … SERVED.

Expect “The Eagle” to have a much harder time turning away fellow top contender Tony Ferguson, if and when Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) gets around to booking their fight.

Maybe matchmakers are waiting for this?

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