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UFC London results: Volkov knocks out Werdum

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Alexander Volkov picked up the biggest win of his career, knocking out Fabricio Werdum in the UFC London main event.

The UFC London main event saw former Bellator heavyweight champion Alexander Volkov overcome a poor start to become only the third man to ever knockout ex-UFC champion Fabricio Werdum. A completely spent Werdum got the takedowns he desired in the early stages, but never came close to a finish. Volkov’s superior striking swelled up and cut up Werdum’s right eye, and with Werdum’s cardio shot to pieces in the fourth round, Volkov landed multiple clean punches that knocked the Brazilian out cold. Volkov has now won six straight, including four in the UFC, while Werdum drops to 3-3 in his last six, and his title contention window has surely slammed shut at The O2 Arena in England.

To the surprise of no one, Werdum went for the flying side kick to start the fight. The next move was to take Volkov down, which the Brazilian did without much resistance. Werdum landed some ground-and-pound but through the halfway point of the opening round, Volkov wasn’t in danger of having his guard passed. Fabricio postured up and rained down more punches, then dropped back down into the Russian’s closed guard. Volkov got to his feet and swarmed Werdum with a volume of big strikes, but it’s possible Werdum was playing possum, as he’s known to do. Volkov took Werdum down, then bailed on the idea of going into Werdum’s guard and stood back up. Another easy single leg put Volkov on the canvas. Werdum threw some body and head punches before the horn sounded.

After almost nothing of note in the first minute of round two, apart from both men talking to each other, Werdum shot for another takedown and got it, but this time Volkov hopped back to his feet. The next shot was a single leg with an outside trip, and Volkov was on his back once more. Werdum threw some short elbows from the guard, and largely controlled position. Volkov was badly cut on the forehead from the elbows he absorbed. Werdum went for a kimura with twenty seconds left in the round, but couldn’t lock it up.

Werdum started the third round with another ridiculous flying side kick, which didn’t land. Volkov caught Werdum with a right hand that led to an immediate move to get the fight to the ground. Werdum swept Volkov, then Volkov got back to his feet. There was a cut on Werdum’s right eye, which had already been swollen in round one. After a warning for holding the gloves, Volkov landed a sweeping left hook across Werdum’s face. Werdum connected on a straight punch, then had a feeble single leg, but he turned that into a ridiculous sweep into back mount. The BJJ standout went for the arm but slipped off and couldn’t get the grip he desired. Volkov was stuffing the takedowns more frequently and clearly getting the better of the former champ on the feet.

Right eye nearly swollen shut and his cardio steadily failing him, Werdum was in a rather bothersome state, as Volkov prevented the takedown and the roll underneath to get on top. Alexander sat in Werdum’s guard for the first time all fight, getting off two heavy blows to the head before standing up. Werdum was exhausted and desperate, so he threw down with Volkov, which was ill-advised. Several punches got through for Volkov, sending Werdum to the canvas in a world of trouble. The final punch knocked Werdum completely out.

Official result: Alexander Volkov def. Fabricio Werdum by KO (punch) at 1:38 of round 4

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