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UFC London video: Timothy Johnson and the epic mustache

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UFC heavyweight Timothy Johnson caught up with Bloody Elbow to show off his bodacious mustache, talk big name training partners, and gives us some possible nicknames ahead of his UFC London fight on Saturday.

UFC heavyweight Timothy Johnson is headed back to United Kingdom to square off with Daniel Omielanczuk, this Saturday UFC Fight Night 107. The 32 year-old Johnson spared some time on his birthday to speak with Bloody Elbow about his last fight in Belfast, Northern Ireland, training with Roy Nelson and Heath Herring, and possible candidates for the big man’s nickname.

Happy 32nd birthday!

“Thank you. I’m 32 going on 52.”

How are you celebrating?

“I ate food today, haha.”

Split Decision loss to Alexander Volkov at UFC Fight Night 99, but one judge scored it in your favor 30-27:

“I think that judge was wrong. I gave Volkov the third round, but I do believe I had the other 2. That’s neither here nor there. I can’t do too much about it now, but re-watching the fight a handful of times, I’m like, I’m pretty sure I got those 2 rounds. But that’s why you don’t leave it in their hands.”

What was the big takeaway from the Volkov fight?

“I kind of for the first time in any of my fights ever, I hit a bit of an adrenaline drop. I threw the uppercut and dropped him. That was the first time that actually happened for me. You know, I’m used to being the wrestler and taking people down. So, that was the first time actually connecting on a really good shot, and watch him go down. I kind of just let my emotions get the better of me, rather than staying kind of calm. I got to do a little better at keeping myself reeled in a little bit. I kind of wasted a little bit, err I didn’t waste a bit of energy, but I kind of just allowed the adrenaline to get to me a little bit, and that maybe hurt me a bit in that third round.”

Would want a rematch with Volkov?

“Yeah, absolutely. I would have no problem with a rematch. I don’t know where he’s at right now, but I’d gladly fight him again. Probably, more than likely, if we both keep working our way up through, then we’ll see ourselves fighting each other again in the near future.”

Thoughts on third-straight UFC fight in Europe:

“I’ve been over here enough for this year, haha. I hope the next fight will be at least States’ side. I got some family and friends that want to come see me fight, and not have to spend a couple grand to do it, haha. I like coming over here. The fans seem to treat me very well. They embrace me, so if there’s anything going for me, I guess it’s that. For the most part, it seems like they like me, so I guess I’ll fight wherever I need to.”

The stylistics of UFC London opponent Daniel Omielanczuk:

“He’s a striker and that’s kind of what he’s known for. He does have some submissions, but that’s not his game at all. I like to think that I’ve come quite a long way in my last handful of fights, and I wouldn’t consider myself just a grappler anymore. I have no problem standing and throwing some leather.”

Strategery of the takedown persuasion:

“Well hopefully it works out that way. Even in my wrestling career, I’ve never been a guy to push shots that aren’t there. I mean, it’s pointless to do that. You’re just wasting energy, taking a bad shot, or get in a bad position. So, that’s where I try to keep an open mind with the fight. I don’t try to force anything. I kind of just let the fight develop into wherever it goes, is where it goes, and hopefully I’m prepared enough that I can handle wherever the fight takes me.”

Facing training partner of past opponent Marcin Tybura:

“It doesn’t mean much in my eyes… Which one of them two are the king of the gym? If I beat Tybura, who is king of the gym, then maybe I’m on the right path. I don’t know.”

Training with Heath Herring and Roy Nelson at Xtreme Couture:

“This training camp went really well. I had most of my camp in Fargo, then took two weeks out of the camp and went out to Xtreme Couture. I went out there with Roy Nelson and Heath Herring. It was a good change of pace, good change of bodies, and definitely some good sparring rounds… You can’t be lazy around them, they’ll make you pay, haha.”


“Like a TKO type of fashion, in the end of the second round some time.”

When are we going to get a nickname for Timothy Johnson?

“I don’t know. I’ll just let other people come up with that. I’ve said it since I first came in, nicknames are given, it’s not something you think up. So, I’ll sit back and wait for someone else to do it.”

Is anyone lobbying for a specific name?

“There were a couple good ones. There were a couple people. I think it was after my Tybura fight. There was a Tweet that went out and said I didn’t have a nickname, and then a bunch of people starting Tweeting it. There were a couple good ones in there. The best one I can think of is Tim ‘Bronson’ Johnson.”

What about Timothy “Dirty Harry” Johnson?

“Ah, I like it, haha. I like it; I like it!”

Watch UFC heavyweight Timothy Johnson take on Daniel Omielanczuk at UFC Fight Night 107 in London, England this Saturday night. The Exclusive Fight Pass Prelims begin at 1:30 P.M. ET and will spill over into the main card at 5:00 P.M. ET, all on UFC Fight Pass. Stay Tuned to Bloody Elbow for all of your UFC event coverage including interviews, play-by-play, highlights, and more!

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