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UFC middleweight Tim Kennedy has a message for radical Islamists: ‘Let those cowards come’

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“My answer is bring ’em on! We got the force necessary to deal with the security situation.”

Oops, sorry. That wasn’t UFC middleweight Tim Kennedy, but George W. Bush in 2003 speaking about a potential insurgency in Iraq. Not the smartest taunt ever made.

But back to Kennedy. The former U.S. Army Ranger took to Instagram to announce a new t-shirt summing up his response to FBI intel that extremists want to assassinate the fighter.

The slogan reads, “They can send whoever they want, as long as they don’t want them back.”

Kennedy expanded on his thoughts in a blog entry entitled “Let those cowards come”, saying he’s “good” with the fact “Facebook warriors” in the Middle East want to murder him.

“Well, after over a decade of making trips to their land and giving them ample opportunity to make true on their threats, I am excited to pass a message to all who have made these gutless attempts at bullying: I’m still here,” Kennedy wrote, adding he’s still waiting for one of the “spineless” terrorists to come to America.

According to the mixed martial artist, the reason nobody has tried to kill him is simple.

“That’s because they are nothing but cowardly and impotent murderers who prey on the weak. They look for soft targets who don’t know how to defend themselves. They seek out the most defenseless in order to make themselves appear stronger than they really are. I’m not a soft target €”and they hate that.”

The blog entry gets quite political as he continues, before returning to MMA roots.

“I will not be intimidated by you because I train against people far tougher than you’ll ever be, and I do it on a daily basis. You want a fight? You don’t have what it takes to fight me. You don’t have the ….View full article

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