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UFC Now Targeting November for New York Event

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Photo by Brandon Magnus/Zuffa LLC

Back in the 18th century there were firefights between settlers from the American colonies of New York and New Jersey over the exact placement of the northern border of New Jersey. During what came to be known as the New York-New Jersey Line War, between 1701 and 1765, natives of those two provinces, fueled by cartographical ambiguity, legal disputation, political chicanery, royal favoritism, proprietary murkiness, territorial stubbornness, latitudinal chauvinism, and good old-fashioned greed, would occasionally shoot at one another, raid the others’ camps, destroy their homes, and burn their crops. The governing bodies of the two provinces would step in from time to time with a new piece of legislation to quell the tension, but inevitably motivations would be called into question and the fighting and the burning would begin all over again. Things finally came to something like a resolution in 1769, when King George II appointed a royal commission to establish once and for all what the border between the two colonies would be, but by then the damage was done. New York and New Jersey were firmly established as cousins in dispute.

It’s a dispute that’s lasted to this day and that has played out on every conceivable American battlefield: from the cultural to the political to the musical to the sporting to the economic, etc. New York and New Jersey’s relationship just seems to thrive in contentiousness and discord.

Historically New York has gotten the upper hand in these battles, particularly in the court of public opinion, where New York City will always lord over New Jersey like some moneyed sophisticate looking down on his provincial cousin. Everyone there comes here to “make it,” after all, following in the footsteps of Jersey’s greatest son, Frank Sinatra, who was quickly adopted and stolen away by ….View full article

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