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UFC on FOX 24 results: Demetrious Johnson submits Wilson Reis, ties Anderson Silva’s title defense record

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Demetrious Johnson’s attempt to tie Anderson Silva’s UFC title defenses record was successful, as the flyweight champion destroyed and then submitted Wilson Reis in the UFC on FOX 24 main event.

Demetrious Johnson entered the UFC on FOX 24 main event as the only flyweight champion the UFC had ever known, and Wilson Reis didn’t come remotely close to changing that story. Mighty Mouse thoroughly outstruck the Brazilian, stuffed his takedowns, and then became the first guy to ever submit Reis. He really is the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world.

Johnson started the fight off with leg kicks. Reis blocked a head kick from the champion. He couldn’t block the heavy body kick that DJ threw a few seconds later, though. Reis was missing with the right hook from southpaw. He caught a Mighty Mouse kick and took Johnson down, but DJ quickly got back up. Reis had only landed one strike through the first four minutes of the round. Another takedown by Reis was stuffed this time, and Johnson dug into the body some more with his kicks.

Reis started the second round with a nice left uppercut, one of the rare times he actually connected on a strike. Johnson threw a right hand and just as quickly was in on a takedown, but Reis stayed upright. Johnson picked Reis apart with his striking at the center of the Octagon. He threw a head kick while in control of Reis’ back, it was all sublime, high-technique stuff from the champion. Reis was cracked cleanly with a straight right hand, almost piston-like. He continued to damage Reis with that lead leg kick to the body. Hard knee to the body by Johnson hurt Reis and Johnson unleashed hammerfists aplenty as the round ended. Just pure domination from the pound-for-pound best.

Reis needed something to turn his fortunes around against Mighty Mouse, but Johnson was cutting perfect angles and just pecking away at Reis wherever he so chose. The takedowns weren’t working and he continued to absorb lethal body kicks. DJ drilled Reis with a hard right hand and effortlessly took him down and into side control. Johnson whacked Reis with elbows from that position. Reis took more elbows from open guard and was cut open from those punishing strikes. Johnson bashed Reis with strikes from full mount, then transitioned to an armbar, which made Reis tap. Just surgical. He could’ve gotten the TKO but ended up with the submission against a man who’d never been submitted before.

Official result: Demetrious Johnson def. Wilson Reis by submission (armbar) at 4:49 of round 3 to remain the UFC flyweight champion

With that win, Johnson ties Anderson Silva’s record for most consecutive and most successful title defenses in UFC history. He can achieve immortality (not literal immortality, but I wouldn’t put it past him) if he wins his next fight and breaks both of Silva’s records.

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