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UFC on FOX 27 results and highlights: Gillespie dominates Rinaldi, Dober topples Camacho

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Opening up the UFC on FOX 27 main card, Gregor Gillespie pounded out Jordan Rinaldi while Frank Camacho and Drew Dober went toe-to-toe for 15 exciting minutes.

The weird scoring continued into the main card, though it was fortunate it didn’t cost anyone a deserved victory. Frank Camacho and Drew Dober wanted to give fans something to stand and cheer for and they delivered. It was a back-and-forth battle, both having their moments with Camacho’s gas tank betraying him in the end. However, it was confusing to see Dober awarded a 30-27 on one scorecard when Camacho floor him to end the first round.

After that, Jordan Rinaldi was no contest for Gregor Gillespie’s onslaught. Gillespie was relentless in his search for the takedown, getting it about a minute in. Rinaldi was able to avoid the submission, so Gillespie began pounding him out. Rinaldi could only take so much before the referee intervened.

Gregor Gillsepie def. Jordan Rinaldi via TKO at 4:46 of RD1: Lightweights

Gillespie stalked Rinaldi early, looking to secure a takedown. Rinaldi stopped one with a knee as Gillespie dove in, but it wasn’t long before Gillespie got what he was looking for. Gillespie obtained side control before getting the mount and hunting for an arm-triangle choke. He couldn’t find it, so he became content with riding out Rinaldi from the back, alternating punches with looking or a choke. Rinaldi began covering up, leading to the ref stepping in to end Gillespie’s assault of punches.

Gillespie dominating Rinaldi on the ground:

Drew Dober def. Frank Camacho via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x2): Welterweights

Dober took the early advantage, landing counters, low kicks, and pressing Camacho against the fence before Camacho secured a trip takedown. Camacho couldn’t do much with that advantage before they returned to their feet, Camacho looking to attack the body. Dober responded with some kicks and body shots of his own. Camacho stuffed a Dober takedown, scoring another trip takedown shortly after. Camacho slipped in and out of Dober’s half guard looking for a sub. They stood before the round ended, Camacho scoring with a hard right hand to put Dober on his butt.

Dober clinches up early in the second, but can’t get the takedown before Camacho gets another trip. Camacho unable to do anything, they end up standing again with Camacho looking tired as Dober lands a series of unanswered punches. Dober continues to pressure, keeping an exhausted Camacho against the fence with punches. Camacho pressed forward at times, but Dober evades most of his attack while alternating between his jab and hard hooks. They began trading down the stretch, Camacho struggling to put much heat behind his offense as Dober was content to land his jab.

Camacho came out strong in the third, looking to hurt Dober as he knew Dober had more in the tank. Dober again went for a takedown only for Camacho to – you guessed it – counter with a trip of his own, thought the fight doesn’t stay on the ground long. Dober began to look tired too, leading to the two of them exchanging in the pocket. Dober scores with some kicks and swings for the fences as Camacho pressed forward with jabs and straights. Camacho pressed Dober against the fence, scoring some good offense in hopes of stealing away the round as the fight ended. One hell of a way to open the main card.

Camacho’s second trip of the first round:

Dober scoring some offense on a tired Camacho:

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