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UFC Ottawa: 5 Takeaways from the Canada’s Fight Night

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UFC Fight Night Ottawa roared through our world not quite with the force of a Steph Curry mouthpiece through the air, but at least with the power of one of Dustin Johnson chip shots.

We learned a lot: It was a bad night for Canada. The heir to the throne may be out to test free agency. The Cowboy is still the king of B-level fighters. And even in 2016, some MMA referees still bite.

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As the UFC embarks on its busiest period of the year, let’s look at some of the takeaways from the night the lights went out in Ottawa for some Canadian fighters.

5. Joanne Calderwood is a Beast

Calderwood went to town on Valerie Letourneau like she was Ivan Drago fighting Apollo Creed. Not every women’s MMA fighter needs to look like Ronda Rousey or Miesha Tate. Sometimes, they can look like Calderwood and just kick ass. Or in this case, kick ribs.

Calderwood hammered Letourneau for three rounds, in a fight that was never competitive. Calderwood landed a vicious spinning back elbow that Letourneau, to her credit, somehow battled back from. In round three, the kick to the ribs disabled Letourneau, but unfortunately for the referee in the match let the fight go a few seconds too long.

Once a fighter turns their back, or goes flying across the cage, it’s time to step in (unless you get the Dan Henderson treatment, which means a few more seconds to take a beat-down, before you rally to defeat the other person). Calderwood, 11-1, showed that she is another entertaining female fighter to watch, which is good for women’s MMA. The sport must thrive post the Ronda-Miesha era.

4. Great Fights Matter

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