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UFC Quick Quote: Dustin Poirier is never going back down to featherweight

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“There’s no comparison. I’m still eating good, my body’s recovering because of that. I’m having fun throughout camp. I don’t feel like I’m too depleted or strained. Previously, if I was this close to a fight I’d be hurting already cutting weight. I feel great. I’m more athletic at this weight and this is much closer to my actual weight. My body is just performing very well. I should have been here, this is the optimal weight class for my body to perform at its max. My power, my speed, everything feels better. I’m never going to go down to 145 again. I don’t see myself ever going up to 170. I should be able to maintain fighting at 155 for the rest of my career. This is the weight I’m going to be at permanently. This is the division I’m going to win the belt at.”

— If you were hoping to see if Dustin Poirier would do a bit better in a rematch against Conor McGregor, your hopes have been dashed. That’s because Poirier recently told FOX Sports that he is never making the tough cut down to 145-pounds now that he’s a lightweight fighter. “The ….View original article