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UFC Rotterdam: 5 ‘Heavyweight’ Takeaways

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The UFC heavyweights reminded us again why we love big men in combat sports: knockouts.

UFC Fight Night delivered with some highlight-reel moments, and gave us couch warriors some heavyweight fights to be excited about. But with that enthusiasm comes some sadness. That is, if you love giants. Andre, Goliath and now Bigfoot. It’s time to say goodbye.

Let’s look at the takeaways from UFC Fight Night in Rotterdam.

5. Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva is not the fighter he once was.

Remember when Bigfoot knocked out Fedor Emelianenko? Me either. I blocked it out. The Brazilian was once a feared fighter, on a roll that culminated with a classic war with Mark Hunt. But like a teenager learning how to drive, his career hit the brakes. And it doesn’t look like there’s enough gas in the tank to get the SUV going again. Silva these days fights soft. He’s been knocked out in four of his last five fights. Whatever happened in the Hunt fight, or after, has zapped the power out of him. Can he come back? Of course he can, but it won’t be easy. He might wander into a bar and meet Greg Jackson, Robbie Lawler and Donald Trump and find the perfect recipe for success. But I wouldn’t plan on it.

4. Stefan Struve is looking down on the UFC heavyweight division.

Yes, it’s true that knocking out Bigfoot Silva in 2014-2016 is like beating Dada 5000 two minutes in a mile run around the track. It’s not that difficult. But 17 seconds? That’s Ronda Rousey, Conor McGregor and Seth Petruzelli warp speed. I think I could survive 17 seconds with Struve, just by falling on my back and scooting, Fabrico Werdum style. Struve was once looking like a rising star in the sport until heart problems ….View full article

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