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UFC stars Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier still bickering on social media about steroids

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Jon Jones recently had an interview where he said he would like two more bouts with Daniel Cormier so he can hurt his confidence and “break his will.” Cormier responded by saying those are “big goals” for a “cheater” who can’t even fight because of his third drug testing failure.

The exchange didn’t stop there, as both men continued trading barbs on social media. Jones explained how it was technique that beat him, not steroids.

Cormier of course responded as well:

Even if we forget the fact that many PEDs can actually help people train more or recover faster, thus having more time to develop technique, this whole public debate about steroids doesn’t seem like something that Jones can win.

Jones can give examples where clean athletes (or on this case, people on random street fights) win with technique, and he can also stick to constantly denying that he ever took PEDs. But at the end of the day, Cormier can and will always come back with the fact that Jones failed multiple drug tests and steroids were actually found in his system.

Although I’m sure none of this will stop them both from bickering on social media and going in circles as they insult each other until the end of time.

Speaking of online insults, Cormier isn’t the only one constantly going after Jones on twitter after his recent comments.

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