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In case you haven’t heard the UFC is going through some spring cleaning. Layoffs have been coming from all angles. From their Las Vegas headquarters (where it is reported 60-80 employees will be fired) to Asia, Brazil, Canada, and Latin American offices. Officials have confirmed layoffs are happening.

”It was less than 15 percent of our workforce,” -UFC official

UFC was bought out WME-IMG last August in a sale that was reportedly worth 4 billion dollars. Since then it seems like the company has taken a no nonsense business mind that has cut off former superstars like Rory MacDonald, and most recently GSP. If it don’t make dollars, it don’t make sense.

Trimming the fat by cutting people who aren’t up to par make sense, but cutting people because you don’t think they will sell enough doesn’t. While we appreciate the Ronda Rousey’s, Brock Lesnar’s, and the Conor McGregor’s, it’s a fighting organization at the end of the day. Not everyone should have to be fan favorites to be signed to the premiere fighting championship in the world. Is it really all about the money? Whether it’s just about the money or not, no one knows for sure, but it does seem UFC plans on ruling with an iron fist. If you like the contract, then great. Don’t like it? Hit the bricks kid; unless you make us boatloads of cash.

UFC insiders have described the morale at the Vegas headquarters as “very bad” almost like a “morgue.”

Another way to look at these recent actions is maybe they’re trying to build up there other companies. The UFC owns other outlets companies and maybe they’ll head lower tier promotions. Almost like a UFC farming system if you will. Either way Scott Coker and Bellator have to be licking ….View full article

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