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UFC’s Andrea Lee allegedly assaulted by husband Donny Aaron

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Just a few months removed from coming under fire for defending her husband’s Aryan-inspired tattoo choices (swastika, SS), UFC flyweight Andrea Lee was allegedly assaulted by him on the night of August 4th – early morning August 5th. A very detailed police report was released, which included a lengthy witness statement from Andy Nguyen, an atomweight currently fighting under the KOTC banner and living with Lee and her husband.

Lee’s husband, Donny Aaron, is a former police officer who served prison time after being convicted of negligent homicide in 2009, stemming from a 2005 incident. Aaron reportedly tried to burn Andrea with cigarettes and caused her to flee the house barefoot out the back door, according to Nguyen’s statement to police, which was obtained by MyMMANews. In the statement, Nguyen describes the alleged assault, which led her to call the police:

He was trying to choke her, but she was defending herself well. She didn’t get beat up bad. The police did take pictures of marks on her neck. Wasn’t bad this time. No black eyes or anything but he has hit her before. I just wasn’t there. He was my coach and my friend. This was the first time this was in presence and I was not going to let this fly.

The report against Donny Aaron accuses him of false imprisonment and domestic abuse. He hasn’t been charged or arrested as of this posting. However, MMAFighting contacted Shreveport PD spokesperson Cpl. Angie Willhite, who stated that an arrest warrant is “forthcoming.” Aaron, 43, will be facing charges of false imprisonment and domestic violence battery

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