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UFC’s Bruce Buffer would love to announce Mayweather vs. McGregor alongside his brother Michael

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Article Source – bloodyelbow.com

As talks about a Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather superfight continue, the UFC’s Bruce Buffer may have his own opportunity to get involved.

A fight the magnitude of Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather has a lot of opportunities to spread around. It’s unclear exactly what shape the event would take. In the past, Mayweather has tended to command complete control of his events, but that’s the UFC’s modus operandi as well. Would it be an all boxing card? All MMA? A mix between the two? Or maybe all boxers vs. UFC fighters.

Either way, it may not just be fighters that get an extra bump from the event. It would also be a hell of an opportunity for the ring announcer, or even announcers. In a recent interview with TMZ Sports, Bruce Buffer gave his full support to the idea of using the Mayweather vs. McGregor platform as a chance to announce fighters alongside his brother, Michael Buffer.

“You know, again, anything’s possible,” Buffer said when asked about working alongside his brother. “I mean, if you ask me ‘Would I love to announce the fight?’ If you remember, in Pacquiao & Mayweather, my brother, Michael Buffer (whom I managed for him to be in the ring), and he was there along with Jimmy Lennon Jr. And Jimmy introduced Mayweather and Michael introduced Pacquiao. Well, depending who’s promoting this pay-per-view, is it Showtime? Is it UFC? I mean, who are the powers that be calling the shots? Then we’ll see. I mean, I would love to announce with my brother, Michael Buffer. That would just be an incredible thing to do and we’d have a blast working together.

“Just like this fight, there’s a chance for everything,” Buffer continued. “If you wanted to ask me if I’d like to do it? Of course I would, why wouldn’t I?”

Of course, the whole thing is still theoretical at the moment. But who knows, if the UFC, Mayweather, and McGregor can all get together on this thing, fans may end up seeing Bruce and Michael Buffer together in the ring.

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