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UFC’s Marc Ratner on New York legalization: ‘I didn’t see thank yous from our competitors’

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UFC vice-president of regulatory affairs Marc Ratner believes his company has earned the right to hold the first legal mixed martial arts event at New York’s Madison Square Garden, given all the resources the company put into rescinding the state’s ban on the sport.

But he also believes there should be a bit of gratitude from his fellow promoters, since Zuffa did nearly all the heavy lifting up in the state capital of Albany over the past several years.

“I believe absolutely we should be the first show there,” Ratner said on Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour. “I didn’t see thank yous from our competitors. They spent nothing and we spent millions to get it done. As I’ve said here before, this is the best New York thing I can say, we’re Broadway and everybody else is off-Broadway. “

MMA can be a rough business and is not exactly known for cooperation between rivals. Still, Ratner believes the company should have gotten some credit for the work put in.

“I took it, I don’t know if personally is the right word, I found myself aggravated, all any competitor should say is ‘we can’t wait to be in New York, but we want to thank our fellow promoter the UFC for getting it done and shepherding it though.’ That’s what I didn’t see.”

The biggest roadblock toward the legalization of the sport in the Empire State — which still needs to go through the formality of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s signature and a review period by the state athletic commission before it becomes official — fell last Tuesday, after a wild day in the state Assembly finally ended in a one-sided vote in favor of the sport.

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